Intueri Education Group, New Zealand – Application Day

Meet the representative from Intueri Education Group, New Zealand in our office on Saturday 3rd June 2017 from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

At Intueri Education we are focused on creating better tomorrows … for our students, for our staff and for our external stakeholders.

We help our students gain valuable employment qualifications and skills.  We strive to provide rewarding employment opportunities for our people.  And we are committed to providing long term value to our stakeholders by continuously improving our performance, expanding our range of study provision and growing our share of the vocational education market.

The Intueri graduate has the knowledge, the real world skills and the professional and personal qualities to make a difference.

We offer industry-appropriate courses and qualifications, from foundation through to Bachelor’s Degree and Graduate Diploma level,  across a number of exciting and diverse industries and we work closely with those industries to ensure our training remains relevant and employment-outcome focused.

We firmly believe that  quality must be the driver in the vocational training sector; quality of people, quality of process, quality of delivery and quality of outcomes for our learners.Intueri