Environment Agency chief Lord Smith to visit flood area

Environment Agency chairman Lord Smith is to visit the flood-hit Somerset Levels, as more heavy rain is set to hit parts of the UK.

He will make his first trip to the area on Friday since the floods, where 30-40mm (1.2-1.6in) of rain is expected. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin will review rail links to south-west England after damage to a key route. And Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to do “everything possible” to help people affected by the storms.

Soldiers sent

The Met Office has severe weather warnings in place for rain and wind in south and south-west England and south Wales.

The Environment Agency has two severe flood warnings – meaning “danger to life” – in the Somerset Levels, at Salt Moor and North Moor including Moorland, and at A361 East Lyng to Burrowbridge. There are also about 100 flood warnings across England and Wales, and more than 270 flood alerts. BBC weather presenter Peter Gibbs said there would be a brief pause but another storm was rushing towards Britain, with gale-force southerly winds with gusts of up to 60mph (96km/h) on Friday.

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